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Turn-Key Internet Marketing Systems

Web Services, Social Media SEO & E-Mail Marketing

A successful on-line marketing strategy attracts new patients to your practice and converts prospects to patients and retains them to increas their lifetime value. Your Internet Doctor provides
Internet Marketing solutions for various medical practices including cosmetic surgeons, urologists and dentists.

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ATTENTION… If You Do Not Have an On-Line System That’s Automatically Attracting New Patients, Converting Prospects Into Clients and
Automatically Follows Up With Both Your Patients & Prospects With Regularity and Frequency To Increase Their Lifetime Value…
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Social Media & SEO

It’s no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) in conjunction with a decent social media marketing plan can generate results you once thought were impossible. Long gone
are the days of just having a website. These days the competition is fierce and in order to stay above water AND above the competition you need an SEO and social media strategy
that makes your online business stand out from the rest!

Converting Prospects

A website visitor is one thing but a website visitor turned customer is another thing. Instant Marketing Systems has put together and refined one of the Internet’s most
valuable and successful marketing plan availabe to our clients. Find out how we’re taking control of the reigns of websites visitors and turning them into valuable customers
each and every day your website is up and running.

Retaining Customer Value

Sometimes customers come and sometimes they go – that’s the nature of business but how can we ensure they’ll remain our customers and retain their lifetime value? While a great
business in built on lifetime relationships with it’s clients, figuring out how to maintain those relationships can be a daunting task. Instant Marketing Systems has
thoroughy refined a process that will ensure you’re current customers remain that way and keep coming back to you for more business.

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